I Bet You Don’t Know These Chinese Surnames

I Bet You Don’t Know These Chinese Surnames


How many Chinese surnames do you keep in your mind?

You may say there is a recorded-material called Hundred Family Surnames. So, there is no doubt the answer should be one hundred. Easy peasy…

Yes, you are right. It is just called Hundred Family Surnames. But you don’t know the hundred here is just a grammatically-partial word which means so many.

Chinese surname culture is a profound system which, nobody knows exactly how many surnames there are. And I bet some of the surnames, you don’t know how to read them. Even you are Chinese!


–Huá?  Oh, I have to say you are too young and too simple.

It should be Huà actually. This surname originated from the Spring and Autumn Period when Song Daigong gave one of his region 封邑(Fengyi) which was a manor estate granted by a monarch to his sons, and surnamed people there asHuà.

So, if someone’s surname is 华Huà and given name is 华,you should know how to call him or her, right? —华华 (Huà huá) . A funny name.

解—Jiě?  Well, I’m still proud of you because at least you know one of its pronunciations.

But to surname, it should be X. It was said that in the Spring and Autumn Period, Tang Shuyu was the first monarch in Zhou dynasty. One of his son’s name was Jiliang, whose manor estate was in 解邑(Xieyi). So the people in that place all surnamed as 解(xiè.

仇—Chóu? Please tell me that you are not full of hatred.

Qiú is the correct pronunciation to surname. People now whose surname is 仇(Qiú, their ancestor was 仇牧(Qiu Mu), who was a senior official in feudal China in the Spring and Autumn Period. It was said that Qiu Mu fought Nan Gong Wan at the official gate because Nan Gong Wan killed monarch of the Spring and Autumn Period in a chess. And then Qiu Mu died. So  仇(Qiú became one of surnames in Chinese history.

朴—Pǔ? Yes, if you know the word 朴素pǔ sù which means simple and plain.

However, do you know it? should be pronounced as Piáo when it is used as a surname.

The surname (Piáo) appeared firstly in Sichuan Province. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Pao hu, who was the king of Bayi region, took all of his people came to Sichuan and lived there. That’s how the surname  existed there.

I know you are confused about so many Chinese characters now. But, why not take them as an interest and learn them in fun? Don’t worry. We are always here to help you!

Besides, you are very welcome to provide us some funny topics  from your life or study.

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Best Wishes to Our Mothers

Best Wishes to Our Mothers


Great Mothers in Chinese History

Mother’s Day is approaching. Let’s recall the great mothers of China’s history. Confucius and Mencius, two great Chinese thinkers in the Spring and Autumn period, they both had great mothers.  Let’s talk about how the mothers educated these two great thinkers.

Confucius’ mother

    After Confucius’ dad died when he was 3, Confucius lived with his mom with difficulties. In order to have a good educational environment for Confucius, Confucius’ mom moved their family to the capital of Lu (a state in the Spring and Autumn period), where many famous teachers were from and was the political, economical and cultural center.

When the time of sacrificial rites came, Confucius’s mom would let him attend the rites to learn the customs. So Confucius had been affected by such customs since being very young. Confucius’ mom also made him learn the manners of Zhou dynasty so that he could enter politics to help the emperor. In this way, Confucius had been taught correct manners, which were the basis of his Etiquette Teachings.  For the sake of receiving a better education, his mom taught 5 students at home and Confucius had to study with them when he was 5. After the mother’s tremendous efforts, Confucius had learned all of his mother’s knowledge when he was no more than 10 years old. Then his mom closed her house school and sent him to the best school in the town, where Confucius could study poems, ancient records and history, which was an important period for Confucius, as he learned a great deal.


    Confucius’ mom,who was a great mother for bringing up her son strongly and properly, died when she just under 35 years old. At the time Confucius was 17 years old.

Mencius’ mother

Mencius’ mother was also a great mother in Chinese history.

One time, when Mencius was in the school, he was attracted by a sound outside and he escaped out of school. When he went back home, his mother realized he was such a naughty boy so she picked up the scissors cut the fabric that she was weaving in front of him. She taught her son: “your escaping school halfway is just like when I cut my weaving before I finish the cloth. If you want to be a useful person, you have to study persistently with undivided attention. Wasting all previous efforts is like the cut cloth, not useful anymore! ”


Through his mother’s education, Mencius progressed with determination. Whenever he encountered difficulties, he would think of his mother’s words and he would be able to overcome anything. Finally, he became a great thinker and educator in Chinese history.

Mother’s Day in China

In December, 2006, the Mother’s Day Promotion determined the 2nd of April, when Mencius born, to be the Chinese Mother’s day, and decided to hold a series of celebrations and activities on the first Chinese mother’s Day.

Chinese mother’s day is full of Chinese culture. On Mother’s day, people will give their moms flowers and cakes, or cook for them and so on. Chinese children who are well educated to respect their parents will try to cook for their mom, wash and clean up for them too, even play music and draw pictures to celebrate Mother’s Day.