How to Express Your Consent in Chinese?


At the discussion, how will you express when you agree with others ideas? There are some phrases about the consent. Let’s have a look.

hǎo de



Hǎo de, méiwèntí.


Okay, no problem.


Wǒ zànchéng.


I agree.

Wǒ shífēn zànchéng nǐde jìhuà.


I quite approve of your plan.


Yǒu dàolǐ


You are right.

Nǐ shuō de huà hěn yǒu dàolǐ.


Your words do make sense.


Shuō de duì


 You are right.

Shuō de duì. Méi shéme bǐ jiànkāng de shēntǐ gèng zhòngyào le.


You are right. Nothing is more important than health.

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