Getting Free Platinum Lessons in Talkinglearn by Sharing

Getting Free Platinum Lessons in Talkinglearn by Sharing

There is no doubt that our website ( is as accessible as possible for all of you. After you log in, you will see Daily Chinese which is the free content that allows you to improve your Chinese day by day. But when you click the Platinum lessons, you may be stuck there. So next, I will teach you an easy way to get through it and get our free Platinum lesson for 3 days.


By clicking the Platinum lesson you want to learn, you will be reminded by Talkinglearn:



You only need to click the “Apply for free reading” button, and then you will be led to new page, where it’s very easy to share the free content to other websites such as Facebook, Twitter and more…




Choose a website to share it.




After sharing, you can see our page turns to be like this:



Go back to the website you shared and log in your account. Copy the website address and paste it in the box named “Shared Link” and then submit it.




After a little while, please check your account, you will find that you have got the free reading for Platinum lessons for 3 days.



The easier way to share our Talkinglearn page is to press the top right corner, and follow the guidance to share it successfully.



You can share as many times as you want to get more days for free learning.

Sharing is a great method for you getting more free lessons and spreading knowledge and culture for others. We are very glad to see not only you learning more Chinese but also more people reaching Chinese. We are also appreciated for your help.

We have also released the new version of Talkinglearn App. Update TalkingLearn App to see more suprises fo you:

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