How do Chinese people celebrate Christmas?



Do Chinese people celebrate Christmas? The answer is Yes. However, because Christmas is not a public holiday in mainland China, only a small portion of people celebrate it, especially young people. So, you might be wondering how Chinese people celebrate Christmas in China?

在中国,在圣诞节前夕朋友之间会互相赠送包装精美的苹果。这是中国圣诞节一项“特别”的传统。因为圣诞节前夕在中国叫做平安夜píng’ān yè (literally a peaceful and silent night)。那为什么要送苹果呢?苹果的苹和平安的平汉语读音相似。显然,互赠苹果的寓意就是平安幸福。

In china, friends will exchange apples which are wrapped up in beautiful colored paper on Christmas Eve. This is one Christmas tradition that’s distinctly Chinese. Because in Chinese Christmas Eve is called 平安夜 píng’ān yè (literally a peaceful and silent night). But why do they give apples? The Chinese word 苹 in 苹果(apple)has the same pronunciation as the Chinese word 平 in 平安(safeness). Obviously, that means peace and happiness.



Young people will go out to eat, sing or go to the party on Christmas Day in China.  Friends and lovers will exchange gifts to each other. And there are a variety of gifts, such as flowers, cake, chocolate, biscuit, scarf and so on. Christmas for them is also a romantic festival when they could have a date, go shopping and watch movies.

Merry Christmas 用汉语说就是“圣诞快乐”。当你想要对身边的人表达节日问候时,就可以说“祝你圣诞快乐”。

Merry Christmas is called “圣诞快乐(shèngdàn kuàilè)”in Chinese. When you want to give Christmas greetings to people around you, you can say “Wish you Merry Christmas”.4

Learn words and sentences:

圣诞节 (Listen Word Audio)

Pinyin: shèng dàn jié

Definition: Christmas

 (Jīntiān shì shèngdànjié, zhènghǎo shì tāde shēngrì.)

   It is Christmas today and also his birthday.

快乐 (Listen Word Audio)

Pinyin: kuài lè

Definition: happy; glad

(Zhùfú suǒyǒu rén jiérì kuàilè!)

Wish everyone a happy holiday!

苹果    (Listen Word Audio)

Pinyin: píng guǒ

Definition: apple

(Háizi men bǎ zhāi xiàlái de píngguǒ fàng zài kuāng lǐ.)

Children put the picked fruit into the basket.

蛋糕     (Listen Word Audio)

Pinyin: dàn gāo

Definition: cake

 (Zhège qiǎokèlì mùsīdàngāo zhēn piàoliang!)

This chocolate mousse cake is very nice.

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