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Congratulations! The WeChat Edition of Talkinglearn Group is born from now on! Welcome to join us to know more information about our daily updating and learn Chinese together! 热烈祝贺“易说汉语”的的微信公众号诞生于此刻!欢迎您的加入,来了解我们每日的课程更新,与我们一起学习汉语!
Let me teach you how to join our WeChat Group! 现在我就教大家如何加入我们!
First, you have to download and install WeChat App on your mobile or other tablets;

Second, Register a WeChat ID. It is better to use the same name as your Facebook, which is easier to remember;

Third, Login. If your WeChat is of the English version, click “Discover” and you will find “Scan QR Code”;

Forth, click it (“Scan QR Code”) on your WeChat, and the camera on WeChat will be turned on, shoot this code I posted and focus for a second, it will automatically direct you to this WeChat group.

And then, you can enjoy making friends with Chinese native speakers and learn Chinese easily!

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