Let Me Teach You the Words in the Park


    Let Me Teach You the Words in the Park


Today, we are going to have fun in the park and to learn some words and sentences about park.

In my memory, the happiest thing in childhood was going to the park with my parents on weekend. There were so many games in the park. We could play swing, see-saw, slide and so on. So, have you ever thought about how to express those park facilities?

I like swing most. When I was sitting on the swing, I felt like I was flying. And I would never fall down because I know my dad was behind me to protect me. But, how to say “the swing” in Chinese? Let me teach you.


     Pinyin: qiū qiān

     Chinese:  秋 千

     Sentence:Wǒ zài dàng qiūqiān.

                             我    在     荡     秋千。(I am playing the swing.)

I like the see-saw as well. Because my dad would play it with me. How to say see-saw in Chinese? Here are the words and sentences in Chinese.

     Pinyin: qiāo qiāo bǎn

     Chinese: 跷     跷    板

     Sentence:Bàba péi wǒ wán qiāoqiāobǎn.

                            爸爸     陪 我    玩       跷跷板。(My dad plays see-saw with me.)


Do you like the slide? I like it very much. My mom was always waiting for me at the foot of the slide. But how to say the slide in Chinese? Let’s learn it!

       Pinyin:  huá tī

       Chinese:滑   梯

       Sentence:Wǒ xǐhuān wán huátī.

                             我     喜欢      玩     滑梯。(I like playing the see-saw.)

We were always building castles together in the sandpit. The sandpit recorded the happy time of our family. How to say sandpit in Chinese?

       Pinyin: shā kēng

      Chinese:  沙   坑

       Sentence:Wǒmen jīngcháng zài shākēng lǐ duī chéngbǎo.

                                我们        经常          在      沙坑     里  堆      城堡。(We often built castles                                                      together in the sandpit.)

We would bring many snacks to the park. My favorite snacks are the sandwiches and the salad which my mom made. How to say   sandwich and salad in Chinese?Follow me to learn it!

        Pinyin: sān míng zhì ,  shā lā

        Chinese:  三   明     治   ,      沙  拉

        Sentence:Wǒ xǐhuān wǒ māmā zuò de sānmíngzhì hé shālā.

                               我   喜欢     我    妈妈      做  的      三明治        和   沙拉。(I like the sandwiches and                                   salad which my mom made.)

We would share our sandwiches to squirrels. What cute squirrels they were! How to say squirrel in Chinese? Learn the differences between Chinese and English.

         Pinyin: Sōng shǔ

        Chinese: 松   鼠

         Sentence:Duō kě’ài de sōngshǔ a!

                                多    可爱  的    松鼠     啊!(What cute squirrels they were!)

Keep it in your mind that Chinese words don’t have differences between singular and plural. So we can say squirrels in English but there is no “松鼠s” in Chinese!


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