The Blasts in Tianjin

 The Blasts in Tianjin



The massive blasts took place in a warehouse where contains explosive materials in Tianjing, Tanggu, Municipality’s Binhai district at 11:30pm on Aug 12, which has rocked Chinese society and the world.


Witness said they saw a mushroom cloud after the explosions, and smoke filled the sky from the blaze.



Many cars were burn out by the blasts.


Since explosions, more than one thousand firefighters have been dispatched to the scene. 17 firefighters are confirmed to have died.


We wish everything be ok and, we are giving a silent tribute in memory of those who died in this devastating blasts.


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Blast:爆炸(bào zhà):

If something is blasted into a particular place or state, an explosion causes it to be in that place or state. If a hole is blasted in something, it is created by an explosion.

example sentence:

Bàozhà zàochéngle jùdà de pòhuài, zhèn suìle fùjìn de chuānghù.


The blast caused extensive damage, shattering the windows.


Explosion:  爆炸(bào zhà):

An explosion is a sudden, violent burst of energy, for example one caused by a bomb.

example sentence:

Fāshēng bàozhà shí fángjiān lǐ méi rén.


The house was unoccupied at the time of the explosion.


Firefighter:消防员  xiāo fáng yuán:

Firefighters are people whose job is to put out fires.

example sentence:

Xiāofáng yuán màozhe shēngmìng wéixiǎn pūmiè sēnlín dàhuǒ.


The firefighter distributed his life in danger to extinguish the forest fire.


silent tribute:  mò āi:

Means people stand in silence to mourn someone who has died.

example sentence:

Dàjiā qǐlì, wèi sǐnàn de xiāofáng yuánmen mò’āi!


Let us stand in silent tribute to the firefighter who have died in the accident!


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