You Can Practice 汉字 in Talkinglearn

You Can Practice 汉字 in Talkinglearn

We have heard from some users of Talkinglearn who said they are eager for practicing 汉字 in Talkinglearn.

We are really happy and appreciated that you enjoy Talkinglearn App and give us suggestions. There is a 汉字 practicing function in this app, which is called Trace Over, may help you to  practice writing 汉字.

Let me show you how it works.

By clicking the character in its detail, you will come to the Trace Over function.


You can choose to play the writing automatically and then choose Trace Over to write it and practice it again and again.


Hope it help.

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QQ Group: 154062253

Wechat: TalkingLearn

We are glad to hear from you about how are you doing in learning Chinese.

Download Talkinglearn and invite your friends to learn Chinese together.


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